Book edit 4

When going through the images in noticed that leading lines worked really well in a frame. I decided to try a new front cover, that complemented the blue of the back page. The new images of the sea scape balances the landscape through line and different tones, which complements the straight title which sits in the sky, the same as before. The barrier leads you in to the book, so I think this is really affective as the front cover. I changed the back sky to a plain one from the same day so the tones round the front and back of the book were the same, looking more clean.

The order of the images has changed as I feel they flow better in this order. Inside the book, I did some colour corrections of images to ensure images that were meant to look the same had the same hue. This allows them to flow better and reassure the viewer they are from the same place.

Book edit with colour adjustments


The only issue I am having is that there is more ‘green’ images than blue sea scape ones, and the book just ends after only seeing a few sea scape ones. As the front cover presents the sea, I think it would be beneficial to add 2 or 3 more images to make the context of the book a bit stronger.



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