Changing images and back page. Edit 3

Originally I wanted to end the book with the image of the shoe on the floor as a striking representation of humans affect on the land. But as I have the blue sky as the back page, the sea images flow much better into it. I added the shoe image with the other ones to create a flow of objects.

I wanted to use a reflective image for the back page. Nothing full on, just an image that allows the viewer to calmly leave the book to think about the images they have seen, and the text and reflect on landscapes near them. I feel the sky is perfect for this, it is a normal sight, but something that is underrated. The break in the cloud suggests an opening of light, a new appreciation for what they have learnt from the book.

I used the text to mirror the inside, and will just have the copyright and author details.


Although due to the flow of the boom being changed by putting the sea side images on the back page of the inside book, i changed to a different variant of the sky to allow the book to flow in tone of blue.


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