Book edit no.1




To begin my book editing I started with the front cover, to set an ongoing theme of the book. I wanted it to be subtle with a bold title, but not reveal one of the whole landscape shots. I have chosen the images of the grass, which I decreased the opacity on to ensure it didn’t overwhelm the front page. I chose to leave a white border to keep the eyes in the frame. I firstly chose the font times new roman, but felt it looked too harsh against the page, as it was the focal point it still needed a gentle edge which suggests the reader would be entering a calm book instead of a stern one. I then played with white instead of black, and found this looked more complementary due to the white border and it became part of the page, instead of being on top of it. By decreasing the size it sat in the grass, working in harmony. The rounder font also complemented this.


To see what type of lay out I wanted on my pages, I began by playing with the images that didn’t suit the normal proportions. With this panoramic images, I feel being so big looses the clarity of the context, and your eyes roll over it instead of becoming engaged with the frame.

The next things I want to focus on are:

  • Captions
    Where will they go
    How big
    How in depth
    Every page?
  • Back page
    Finding an images that complements the front cover

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