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Lots of Domino’s, great nightlife and we feel safe: What new students really think of Cheltenham

Whilst I was researching previous articles on Cheltenham night life, I found an article from September 2016 which claims to present what students really think of the night life. The article is so brief it hardly provides an opinions, and may be biased to draw people in to coming to the town.

I dont feel this is a true, or dedicated response to the night life. It doesn’t present any facts, suggestions of where to go, or the safety aspects, as the title would suggest. This has encouraged me to present a true documentation of the night life, for all its highlights and flaws.

It needs to display how people really feel about the surroundings of town, to complement the videos of people saying why the enjoy the night life of the town, of the Frog & social nights on a Wednesday.


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