Making the Powerpoint


I am planning to add more text pages to the PowerPoint to develop the narrative further, and balance out the text to picture proportions. At current, although not noted, all of the interviews are from women, which may influence the response. I need to get quotes from male students, to develop the story further.

I mainly focused on ensuring all the images were the same size on each page, which will allow the PowerPoint to flow throughout and complement each other, putting the focus on the images. I mainly ordered them in colour and context, to make sure they showed a narrative, and didn’t look repetitive next to each other.

When creating my final edit, I decided to change the image on the left, to the leaves image (8). I chose to do this because although I feel the house is a stronger image, it was too similar to the images shown on the right (below) because of the alignment and colour of the windows, which made the edit of 20 images look repetitive. I chose to add the leaves image, as it suggests a sense of being outside at night, with a small light source to protect you. It complements the green which occurs in many of the photos, and is a sharp photo which the contrasts capturing the viewers attention. It enhances the lack of people as it provides an alternate vantage point, which alludes to a person being alone, looking around to check every angle around them for safety, looking at the nearest light.



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