Risk assessment


Hazard What is involved Probability Controlling the Risk
Being in the dark Being approached by strangers M Take someone with you. Do not talk to strangers unless it is in a genuine nature.
Being in the dark Hurting myself L Ensure phone is fully charged. Have someone with you. Be in a public place, people around you.
Being in the dark Getting kit stolen L Take minimal valuables with you. Do not leave any kit out of sight. Have insurance on all kit.
Rain Camera/equipment getting wet M Take umbrella/kit cover, ensure there is a dry area nearby.
Flash Scaring people, epileptic fit S Do not flash directly towards people.
Drunken people whilst filming in pubs/clubs Abuse S Be polite, let people know what I am doing. Do not react, leave the scene.
Filming in pubs/clubs Kit getting damaged M Take minimal kit, ensure there is enough space to film/ take pictures

Risk Assessment

Hazard: What are the risks of me completing the action.

Probability: L – Low risk         M – Medium risk H – High risk

Control: What action will be taken to control the risk



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