Final shoot

From looking at my 20 picture edit, I found a balance between my frames. I wanted to capture focal points, interesting things inside a frame, but at a wider angle to create the sense of night. So this was my aim when I went out on my final night time shoot.

I am really pleased with the way the pictures turned out, as I feel I finally understood what aesthetics I needed from my frames. This meant I spent less time outside, but got a better image turnover, as I wasn’t wasting time on unnecessary frames. The sense of green, and darkness is really strong through these images, they create a sense of people have been there, but are dispersed in the night. I feel the green is a strong colour against the black sky, and complements the theme as it looks cool, but you associate it with homely areas, such as gardens, and is something you would always see, which people can relate too. With the yellow tones, they work well but create a warmer emotion, rather then the chilling absence that goes through the other images.


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