Lee moor

I feel Lee Moor is my most successful shoot. I have learnt a lot from all my previous images of what I needed, in terms of tone, vantage point and context. The light was perfect, I got there around 2.30pm in November so the light was already fading, as I walked the light decreased more but had a subtle hue to it, allowing the landscape to flow without harsh shadows.

The images display, indirectly, the effects that people have had on the landscape, and I intend for the text within the text to fully explain the context of the individual images. As I got a lot of images from this shoot, they can be used in the book and it will flow, although I need to ensure it does not become repetitive.

I like the images of the floor which contain objects, it reminds me of images where you are identifying an unknown object such as the police would do, making the viewer reflect on it from this angle. The bush with the yellow flowers really stands out against the duller landscapes, but still complements them, which will draw the viewers attention in.

In my original editing of this shoot, I worked with the interesting colours of the landscape by increasing the saturation. But when reflecting on the context and natural tones created by the light, I decided to decrease them and let the natural colours work through the frame.


I also played around with the cropping, such as this one which I would use as a double page spread. Although I’m not sure it would sit with the other images and could throw the balance of.

*Refer to book*

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