Cheltenham night images

shoot-chelt-night*Refer to book*

It was a clear night so i decided to take a few more images. I am glad I did as the frame of the bungalow works really well with the one bold light and the bungalow creating a focal point across the middle third of the frame, with the road complementing the space of the sky. The frame of the side of the house with the front door I feel is well composed, but similar to other images I already have. In the window picture, I like the full frame of the window but feel the frame could be better, possibly by using curtains. I will revisit the curtain picture I already have, and take this full frame to combine my two ideas. I found a light that mirrored one img_0810443the images I had found in a book, and I thought I would try to make a similar frame. I found that due to the difference in the light between the light itself and the background, I couldn’t get the shadows in without over exposing the highlights. The balance between the light and the background is important in long exposures, especially if the light is overly powerful. I found that in the picture in the book, the light on the building allowed the frame to balance in exposure, as they had their own light source.


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