Night images

I wanted to practice creating closer frame long exposure shots, so I chose a garden with many focal points to practice in. It took me around 1 hour 30 minutes to create 66 frames, which I was surprised at as I thought closer frames would be quicker and easier to take. But as the focus has to be sharp on the one object, and smaller objects have the tendency to move more, over the space of a long exposure many of the shots became shaken. I feel that it is the colours and highlights that capture your eye in this range of images, as the darker, more grey tone images do not stand out against the greens and red tones.

*Refer to book*

On most shots I have multiple attempts of exposure or focusing. There was a movement activated light in the garden, which was very bright. I used this in some of the beginning images to bring out the highlight and shadows, but as I went further in to the garden the light wouldn’t be activated, and the light source didn’t reach the area, meaning I used long exposures of around 1 minute to bring out the shadows in the frame.

I edited a final 12 images, which I felt presented a theme of absent night time in Cheltenham. The colours are what mainly drew me in to these shots, as they contrast against the dark night. I feel the red and orange tones create a homely feeling of warmth, suggesting quieter, more comforting spaces. Where as the greens create a cool, alone emotion, which are reflected in the subject matter. Although I like the darker images and feel they present simply the night well, it doesn’t necessarily suggest the theme of Cheltenham night that I am portraying.

night macro finals.jpg
Chosen images





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