Documentary perspectives feedback

In lesson feedback bought up multiple suggestions:

Finding archival images to contrast the new landscapes against in the book

I feel this is a good idea to build the narrative in the book about how the landscape is changing, but as many of the landscapes are of random areas and not significant areas of interest, it means that there are not many pictures of the specific spot.

Do grey tones set the scene better?

It was suggested that I should focus on shooting on grey days, where the tones are duller which creates a sense of sadness or negativity towards the subject matter. Although I agree that this would work to show how the landscapes are being industrialised, the project isn’t being created to present a negative outlook on the topic. I wish to bring up the subject, but allow the viewer to create their own personal opinion on it. Although I do believe that I may slightly de-saturate the images in which it is a sunny day and a theme of a happy landscape is presented, to create a neutral theme throughout all the images.

Alternative viewpoints of the land

  • Alongside the agricultural images, I could include pictures of the crops and farm land.
  • Colour schemes of the sky, tones of grey and blue to make the book flow alongside the images

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