Bredon take 2

As planned, I went back to Bredon in the morning so the sun was in the east, complementing the motorway instead of casting it into a haze. I didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to get the motor way as a focal area in the frame, as it seems so small on a large frame, but so clear to the eye when witnessing it in person with the noise it creates. But I am pleased with the images, and I will have to choose the frame to complement the straight shape of the motorway against the overwhelming fields. But as the grey tones of the motorway break up the green and blue, the eyes are drawn to it.

There were wooden poles in-between myself and the landscape, which i edited out in separate files to make it more aesthetically pleasing. But it raises questions in to whether i should be editing a documentary style photography, as it could be argued that i am also interfering as the landscape, although not directly, to warp it to fit my use. Although i feel the landscape with less or no poles does look better as a frame, the poles should be there to set a true representation of the landscape.


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