Planning lax

I feel the most important areas of the Lacrosse socials to document are the interaction within the circle and the games, the dominance of the social sec & deputy social sec (Laura and Harry) and the enjoyment of the people that participate in the club.

I will be initially filming in the Social in FCH students union, where several socials take place every Wednesday. I couldn’t plan where to set up the lighting and where to film from as the location in the su bar changes each week, but I knew the lighting was very orange and not bright enough so I took a large light that sat on top of the camera.

Filming equipment:

  • Canon 1200d
  • 3 camera batterys
  • 64gb & 32gb memory cards
  • Tripod
  • On camera light


I am pleased with the filming I obtained from the first night filming. The theme was Cowboys for the second and third years, and native Indians for the freshers / new joiners. This meant everyone’s outfits were very fun and interesting to film, emphasising the fun of the socials to the viewer. I took a risk by not taking an off camera microphone, as I thought this would get in the way, and the chance of getting drink spilt on to it if left on a table to pick up the sound was too high. But I was surprised at the high quality of the sound, which is useable for the film.

I was lucky that everyone in the group agreed to be filmed so I could film the whole circle. The struggles I faced were because of the oval shape of the social, it was hard to get everyone in the frame, someone’s back was always to the camera, I found this easier when sat inside the circle, but here I couldn’t have the tripod due to a lack of space, so I have better audio but the filming is very shakey. I feel that whilst filming the circle, without the accompanying audio it looks very repetitive.

I began editing the 99 clips I got from the night, by going through and removing any clips that would unacceptable for the public, or general drunk behaviour that could look bad against Lacrosse. Also removing clips with bad lighting, or too much camera shake making them unusable. I then renamed the clips for ease of editing, so I could find the clips I need quickly to make my work flow more efficient. By going through the images prior to editing, it ensures I dont use any footage that I usually wouldn’t by trying to fill gaps. Only keeping the best footage will produce a better end result, and allow me to easily fulfil the storyboard.


jake-interviewJake was a very confident speaker in his interview. He outlines why he likes lacrosse, but sways off to it as a sport instead of socials. I asked him questions as promts. Good audio but needs cutting. Nice lighting, directly on him, cup adds a focal point and he addresses it, this can be linked to other frames throughout the footage.


kath-interview-fresherKath was the only official interview I got of a non Management member of Lacrosse. She speaks very quickly, but makes good points. Take ‘Best decision ive made since I started university’. Video of her casually instead of formal – mainly use just the audio. But matches Social Sec lacrosse set up as interviews taken at same time.


laura-social-sec-interviewLaura looks very natural in the frame, the light complements her well. Her speech flows, and she makes good points. Best speaker, but music slightly loud in background although it adds effect. She looks like she wants to be interviewed and is willing to answer all questions. Good for the final film. But very long, needs cutting.


lukes-interviewThe footage of luke is very dark, could lighten in premier pro whilst editing. His voice stands out and makes a statement, but his speech is short. Can be used along side casual shots of him to present a more relaxed interview.



Next time I film the Lacrosse social I hope to get interviews from team members, to break up the serious interviews. It would also add more viewpoints so create a positive effect on socials. I need to get authorisation from the club they go to after social, and if this goes through I will include clips of them dancing after the social. On the way to the club, they took a food stop on the high street, this could be included as a filler to break up social and the club if allowed to film. I could also film the SU making the 100’s of pints for the socials as an extra fill.



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