Test shoot, night photography

*Refer to contact sheets in On Assignment book*

On my first attempt at night photography, I went out around 6pm after the sun had set at around 4.30pm. I intended to create long exposure photographs of housing surrounding the central town area of Cheltenham, to create a sense of absence in the night.

The first problem I came across was not having a sturdy enough tripod, on anything more than 20seconds you could see camera shake. This was enhanced by not having a shutter release remote for the camera, and as I pressed the shutter it added camera shake. I was using my Sony a7, which is full frame which helped capture a wider frame, though it doesn’t support a universal shutter remote for bulb, so I need to re-think my camera choice for longer exposures.

On the evening I was photographing, it was heavily overcast, but was the night of the supermoon. Due to this, the sky was lighter than usual, as it is the largest, brightest moon that occurs. This made the sky illuminate more than usual, slightly unbalancing the aesthetics of the night images, as the sky should be a sharp black colour.

As I went out at early evening, there was still a high percentage of cars on the streets that would interrupt a long exposure. They would appear as long light streaks across the frame.

Due to the fact I couldn’t take exposures over 30 seconds as I didn’t have a shutter release to put the camera on bulb, the images are dark, exposing for the highlights but not the deep shadows in the dark.

My biggest concern whilst out taking this images is being out late with expensive equipment, I could be venerable. This is why I have chose to go out early night rather than later when there will be next to no cars.


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