Filming @ Frog

Wednesday 9th November

On my first visit I set myself aims for my second shoot:

  • Interview with younger people to show the contrast between people that go there. I can add this to the speech that talks about the frog accompanying people of all ages.
  • Interaction between more locals – busier night.
  • Opening and closing shots, people walking in and out of the frog.

As Wednesday was social night, I decided to film a clip of the Cheerleading/Rugby joint social to add in to the video to reflect the student interaction with the frog, the socials also create a high volume of noise that can be added into the video to create a balance of ambient noise.

I got an interview with Stephen, another local to the frog, whom is late 20’s and is a very bold character, this contrasted against the older man and combined with the students, made a balance of all ages through the video. He was with his friends outside, which looked natural and the background noise contributed to the nature of the frog.

I am happy I went on a busier night because it means I can show all angles of the frog. I didn’t get shots of people walking in and out of the frog, as it is on a busy road and too many cars were going past to make it a shot long enough without being interrupted, also cars were constantly parked in the frame.

img_0902317I am glad I created the storyboard to help me focus on different areas of the frog. The lighting was good behind the bar as the light reflected off the bar taps, and the pool room worked well in the angle that I had planned. The only area I didn’t approach was a gig night, although I am not too worried about this not being in the video as not everyone that goes to the frog interacts with these gigs, and there are other areas to prioritise in the short 90 seconds.

On my second visit to the frog i recorded many more clips of background noise, including the music and sounds of the pool tables which i feel is a sharp sound that captures the attention of the viewer.


screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-14-47-33Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 15.09.33.png

Whilst editing the footage I was surprised at how much background noise I needed to fill in the clips, so I had to go through clips to find the correct noises and background sounds. I had recorded a long clip in the pool room downstairs that had music playing, which I decided to channel all the way through the video to create a constant noise which would keep the viewer listening without too many changes throwing them off. I used the makers to make the volume higher and lower when interviews were taking place and other noises needed to take priority.

Some of my favourite overview shots are the two men eating, the smoke and the games machine as I feel these areas are really special to the frog. Everyone loves to take food in, be in the large smoking area under the heaters and look at the characteristic elements which make the frog so comforting. Its these shots that I didn’t realise would contribute so much to the final edit.

Opening the video from behind the bar sets the location, as it is a recognisable scene and then ending in the same place, with the movement of harry moving away from the frame creates the sense of the video, but not ending the night, without shutting down the frog.

The interviews consist of two staff members, and two locals, and the noise from the socials. I am happy with the balance of this as it provides factual areas about the frog, opinions and a natural passion for the frog. As it could be argued that the workers have to say positive things, its nice to have the locals presenting their own views. Ideally I would’ve had the shots of the people speaking on the screen longer, but because of space, I decided to include natural shots of them so the viewer can connect with them without the interview being forced upon them, creating a more fluent approach.


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