Filming at the frog. 90 seconds

Tuesday 8th November

I chose to initially shoot on a Tuesday, as i know this is one of their quietest nights due to it not being a student night, with no gigs or football on. This allowed me to be behind the bar without getting in peoples way or slowing down their work flow.

I really enjoyed filming at the frog due to the fun, relaxed atmosphere. They gave me full access and were really corporative with anything i wanted to film.

I got a lot of overview shots, including pulling pints, people playing pool, and general interactions at the bar. It was very quiet on the night, meaning there wasn’t a lot of noise/people in different areas. I wont record many more overview shots as I dont feel they are necessary, so I will focus on getting more focused filming next time. Though overview shots were better on this occasion as I got to know the areas of the frog.

I conducted the interviews upstairs in the Barn, where the music settings take place at gigs. The frog is a naturally dark place, with all brick walls which the light doesn’t reflect off, and only small yellow light to light the areas, which adds to the aesthetics of the pub.

I used a Zoom microphone, a stand, a tripod, Sony a7, and rodes microphone.

I conducted the interviews on the Zoom microphone to get a clear audio without attracting background audio of the pub. The lighting was difficult to work with, so i had to use a high ISO to get sufficient light.

I initially started in a small area upstairs, that had a purple background. But it was small, and the camera was close to the face making the model nervous. So we moved out into the open to make it more comfortable, although this made the audio slightly more echoy. In the end, I feel this looked better as it presented the aesthetics of the frog better than a plain background.

The lighting behind the bar was the best, as the light reflected of the taps and lit mainly the customers, making the scenes focused and moody.

I am pleased with the audio interviews, as there is enough space to edit and crop the speech. I really enjoyed the interview with a local, older man which has been there every week for his friends for years. He sounded authentic and with a true passion for the frog. I feel making them stick to the question pointers I had made put them under pressure, so was easier to just give them suggestions at the beginning and allowing their speech to flow with what they wanted to say about the frog.

I had the zoom mic plugged in to the camera, but unfortunately i forgot to turn it on, meaning i have no noise on the background shots. But i can get background noise on a separate occasion. I would like noise of the pool balls hitting each other and being potted, general chat, and the noise of the pumps at the bar.

Some of the frames are very long, making them harder to edit. I feel it would be easier if i cut the films more to allow me to edit more efficiently.

Next Time:

  • Interview with younger people to show the contrast between people that go there. I can add this to the speech that talks about the frog accompanying people of all ages.
  • Interaction between more locals – busier night.
  • Opening and closing shots, people walking in and out of the frog.





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