The Art of Landscape Photography. Mark Bauer & Ross Hoddinott

This book focuses on examples of photography to allow the viewer to engage with what they are learning. I focused on landscapes that included man made objects, combined with leading lines which I feel is a key element to get people to look at the work.

The vantage point of the first photography, with the lit up stand on the pier, is low, which I wouldn’t expect from a image like this. The photographer has considered the importance of the plaque’s on the floor which contribute to the setting. I like the use of artificial light from the street lights and the box, which the photographer has worked with on long exposure to keep the eyes inside the frame. You can see from the second frame in this location that the photographer has done this intentionally to keep the sea from the frame, not allowing it to distract from the artificial elements.

The next image looks like a different location, but has just been shot from a different angle. Being higher up, simply changes the look of the landscape, concentrating on a balance between the sea and the sky. There is a strong use of leading lines again here, with the light, on a faster shutter speed, creates the colour contrast on the monotone landscape.


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