Robert Brook

Unusually, Brook has two separate websites for his daytime, and nigh time photography. Although I am interested in all of his work, I am now focusing on his night time photography to get inspiration for my On Assignment project.

topicsOn his night time website he has sections to define the images he takes. I feel this is a simple way of breaking up the sort of interesting city landscapes you would find at night, things that the light will bounce of and create exciting lines and shapes.

starburst_nightOne of my favourite images is the opening shot on the website, of one single light owning the landscape. The simplistic line work here draws the eye in and around the frame, with no extra subjects to distract from the central frame. Ensuring your f number is at its highest point will ensure that both your landscape is in focus, combined with getting the ‘starburst’ effect. A long exposure has been used here as you can see the lights from the distance sneaking through the trees, the light landscape and the soft movement of the clouds.1

Although I do feel his photography is very repetitive. Many shots are of the same location, from a different angle. I feel the selection process should’ve been cleaner, only choosing one shot from each location, as the viewer can get bored.


The linework in his images really make the frames, by drawing the eye in to the center. A lower f number has been used here, around f11, which could’ve possibly been to capture more light, which you can see from the star burst. His use of signs is also very clever, which are naturally lit from the lights above them, they create focal points that contrast against the landscape due to their pure colours. Although here, in the industrialised area there is a street light on the left of the frame which creates a brighter area on the left hand of the frame, causing a natural gradient leading the eyes in.


Diffraction, Aperture, and Starburst Effects



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