Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej Dakowicz is a Polish photographer that holds a PhD in computer science, but left in 2009 to focus on photography. His prime interest is in documentary, travel and street photography.

I have focused on his night time street photography to inspire me whilst photographing the night time economy. His photographs have the primary focus of people, and include artificial lighting. It is most likely that he uses as on camera flash for convenience and to get a big burst of light in one area, to freeze motion or create a focal point in the dark. Most the images present people in a shameful, but funny light. All seemingly drunk people, dressed up for a night out or in costume, making them quickly identifiable as drinkers.

In some cases the subject is aware of the camera, posing and smiling into the frame. On other occasions, the subject is unaware, which creates the funniest scenes of drunken people doing abnormal things. But this raises questions on whether the people are consenting to the photographs due to being intoxicated, although legally if he ensures he is on public land he doesn’t have to get their consent.



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