The sea front in Skegness has been dominated by fair rides for years, but more recently, a wind farm was set up off the coast.

In 2013, the largest off shore windfarm in the world was confirmed to be built off the shore of Skegness. As with many wind farms, locals responded in anger, suggesting they wanted to turn Skegness into an industrial site.

Unfortunately when I went, it was a misty day, covering the wind farm in a dense cloud. I tried my best to capture the farm, but the bleak landscape covered the frame.


On a clear day in Skegness, the wind farm would’ve sat between and across the pier. Although you cant see it in this frame due to the cloud, I found the sparse amount of people interesting in the frame. Skegness is advertised as a full of life place, similar to the atmosphere of Briton. As a child, I would visit here and it would be full of life. But as people become more interested in computer games than the out doors, the popular fair rides and landscape is becoming less familiar.


As the cloud lifted for a short period of time, I managed to capture some of the turbines. you can see the lay out, how they lie in rows away from the shore, but it doesn’t not do the mass of the wind farm any justice.



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