Night time Culture

Cheltenham’s  Night Time Economy Strategy

2004 to 2007

  • Students tend to stay in on Friday and Saturday Nights when the problems arise
  • 9,700 students

    • The first tier is Cheltenham’s night-club economy. The report estimated that this generated between £21 and £31 million for the economy.  • The second tier is the attendant takeaways, restaurants, pubs and taxi services. The report estimated that if these were included in the initial calculation the eventual figure might well double. • Finally, the third tier which includes those retailers which provide clubbers with lifestyle accessories such as clothes, cosmetics and haircuts.

  • The Vision

    “We want a safe and attractive town centre with a diverse night time economy, accessible to all while protecting the quality of life for residents”

From next April, councils will have greater responsibility for public health. Cheltenham runs a scheme with volunteer street pastors from the local church who help people who are drunk – particularly lone women. “Because they are not the police and not the council, people listen to [the pastors] and they don’t get an aggressive reaction. They will call police if there is trouble, but they will also provide flipflops for women who have taken off their shoes so they don’t cut their feet on glass.”


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