Mind map / Mood board

In my On Assignment book (refer to) I made a mind map of the areas of Cheltenham Night life. On these areas, I added images of the types of photography which would occur here.

I made 3 main groups

  1. Student/ Social nights out
  2. Bars
  3. Local areas, housing estates & surroundings to town

I am making a series of images, a 90 second video and a 3 minute video. I feel the busier areas should focus on the videos as there will be more eye-catching content to fill the screen, where as stills of local areas would be more effective, inspired by the images I have put on my mood board.

I feel focusing on a social group rather than a general night out will allow me to get more intimate with the group, seeing how people interact and behave on the student nights, which are the busiest for the clubs.

Bars in Cheltenham have a large diversity. At the top of town you’ll find the ‘posher’, more civilised bars that get busier on weekends as the locals go out, the whetherspoons that cater for all, and a bierkeller, but all of these are hit and miss. One of the main bars is the Frog and Fiddle, which I would describe as everyones local. It caters for students and locals, attracts visitors with its bands, allows you to take your own food, holds socials, and has 4 pool tables. This means it is always full of life and all kinds of people go there. I feel this would be good for a video as it shows the warmth that a bar can provide, a comfort place for all, which is a middle ground in the Cheltenham life night scene.


  • Images on the quiet areas of Cheltenham
  • 90 second video on the frog & fiddle
  • 3 minute video on student night

Target audience:
Students age 17-25

Being on public property, which is most of the road and sidewalks in Cheltenham, will allow me to document and take pictures of any area that I desire. I wish to present the quiet surroundings of the outskirts of the town centre.

Frog & Fiddle:
The first pub I was suggested to go to when I first moved here, was the Frog and Fiddle. Every time I go there, there is an abundance of people I know, it is the social hub for students. The majority of people that go to the uni, will appreciate this pub as a meeting area, a place for socials or to hang out and play pool. There are other pubs in Cheltenham, but non that accommodate the amount of students and cultures as the frog.

Student night:
Filming on a Wednesday, the predominantly leading student night, will present the socials, and how everyone comes together and interacts on this night. Everyone will be in nearly one place, and there is almost a route around town.

I feel that the student night should accompany the longer video as there are more locations and I can focus on the night as a whole, where as the frog is a smaller place that would be easier to complement with a shorter video.


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