Lincolnshire 2

I captured these 3 frames by stopping on the quiet roads of Lincolnshire when i saw a landscape that had human interference.

3lincolnshire-1Another view of the Bicker Wind Farms, from a wider perspective, presenting how it has affected the view for local farms. I enjoy how the light pours across the bottom of the fields here, breaking up the vast brown soil, and pushing your eyes towards the windfarm. The little yellow house stands out against the blue and brown, making a focal point in the frame. It is a simple landscape, which is why I find the wind farm in the background so powerful. lincolnshire-2Although this image doesn’t fit with the landscape theme, I was taken by the silhouette of the pilon against the fields, and how the sun bounces of the tarmac. The sun is the focal point here, drawing the eye in, with the power lines framing the sun.


Picking the food from the land. The contrast between the purple crops and the orange jackets caught my eye as I drove past. By the grey, bleakness of the day desaturated the whole frame. In post production, I worked on bringing the vibrant colour contrasts back, to present how they stood out in the landscape. Although I feel the frame would’ve worked better with a natural sunlight boost to separate the sky from the ground, I still feel this is a strong frame in terms of context.


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