Bicker Wind Farm

This frame includes a wind farm that won planning permission in 2003. On Bicker fens, the view would continue for miles unbroken by any interference in the landscape, which now homes a wind farm the size of 30 football pitches.

“I just cannot understand why a big company will try and ruin our village and turn it into an industrial site.” Unknown, BBC

I chose to photograph from inside the back garden that looks on to the bicker fens as I wanted to keep the ‘homely’ approach to the images. I want it to look natural, and present the change in peoples homes and lives inside of simply presenting the wind farm. What I really enjoy about this frame is how you can tell how interrupted the landscape was before the wind farm, how it looks like a peaceful farmland. The contrast between the cool blue, and warmth of the soil really creates a strong base for the white turbines to stand out. The swift nature of the clouds are pushing the eyes towards the turbines, with the curve of the soil, where the potato farmer has been in the tractor leads you back around to them.



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