William Eggleston

When asked about Eggleston my response would immediately relate to the colour in his work. But I had never analysed the simplistic values of his work which concentrates on the frame and line work.

He produces work that complements the whole frame, combining the perfect moment, from the best vantage point. In the YouTube video, they comment on how he only takes one image of each frame, which is highly contrasting from the work of Hido whom takes multiple long exposures. I really feel this through Eggleston’s images, how he relates to the images, and gives every composition his care. It is interesting to see how he notices every detail in the landscape.

In this video the viewer see’s how Eggleston approaches and finds his subjects. We see that he literally photographs every interesting subject in a small area. I find that we dont appreciate our surroundings as much as photographers used too, so it is refreshing to learn that he still continues to see the little things in the frame, which makes his unique images.

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