Todd Hido

I was inspired by Hido’s work due to the mundane approach he takes towards his images. The simplistic view point of the images makes the viewer really look at the landscape, and question what they see around them in their normal lives. I had my first interaction with his work through the ‘Excerpts from Silver Meadows’ video on YouTube, and I found it was really useful to hear him speak about the intentions of his work before viewing it. He speaks about both portraits and landscapes, although I admire both, I am more interested in the landscapes in reference to my landscape project.

He uses words such as ‘negative space, contrasting’ to describe his subjects. The isolation shown through them really puts you in the moment that he takes the image. But from seeing a sample of one of his contact sheets in ‘Wish you were here’ Lecture, and learning he takes 4-10 minute exposes to obtain the powerful light that glows through his images, he must spend up to an hour photographing one subject. I feel this changes the moment that we see, it almost looks like a momentary loneliness that people can connect with, yet the time is actually a lot longer than interpreted. In the second video, he quotes ”if you expose it for a long time then it works’ which may explain why he takes several exposes, hoping one will work.

Screenshot (107).png



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