Change in Brief

I decided to change my brief as I feel I wasn’t achieving the desired project that I had hoped for. Although the Mark Townsend Trust were really cooperative, they simply didn’t have enough events, or access to people they were willing to be documented whom they had helped, to continue for a final project. To continue with the breif, i wouldve had to find indiviudals that had experienced mental illness or help from charities, or more local charities, which wouldve needed a lot of contact time, risk assessments and concent from a considerable amount of people.

I decided to rethink, and consider what was obvious to me in Glouctershire that i hadnt previously thought about documenting. I had been shown Tod Hiddo’s night time work in University, which made me think about the contrast between the quiet estates, and the center of town in Cheltenham. It was something i had always seen, but not taken a moment to really document or process.

When I first started here at University, I had no idea about the night life culture of Cheltenham. Many other University’s have a night life reputation, such as Bristol and Cardiff, which are well known and to some extent influence the choice of university for some people. I want to create a ‘package’ that presents the different areas in a simple, but informative way. Although it is the ‘University of Gloucestershire’, even those who live in Gloucester use Cheltenham for nights out, as the main clubs, socials and events are here.

Informing students of the University of Gloucestershire of the Cheltenham nightlife scene. What areas dominate, who uses them and why.

My intentions are to present the changes of the type of night life in the different areas of the town, and whom experiences them and uses them. I believe that the nightlife here is fun for students, but limited, which I want to present through my images.

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