Professional Practice – Work experience.

For my work experience I wanted to be within a company/organisation that reflects my journey as a photographer. I am particularly influenced by landscape/travel photography that acts towards the benefit of people.

I feel work experience can be a massive contributor to where you get work after your degree. If relevant work experience has taken place, it can boost your chances against other applicants and show you have the motivation and initiative to work  in the industry.

IET has created a page on their website dedicated to the benefits of undergoing work experience, they put it in to bullet points that they then detailed:

  • Soft skills
  • Differentiate yourself and make yourself more employable
  • Enhance your application forms and interviews
  • Road test a company/sector/role
  • The possibility of leading to full-time job offers
  • Personal development

I feel that this page sums up the benefits of doing this, both personally and to enhance your chances of being employed in your sector. It is important to remember that it doesn’t just benefit your chances, that it can also teach you things and allow you to understand if you really want to go in to the sector that you have chosen to work in.

Emails sent:

Countryfile Magazine

I chose countryfile due to its large interaction with the outdoors. I feel this would expand my knowledge of working in the outdoors, what kind of images to present in a magazine. Combining the two factors would improve my knowledge of work flow, how to present images to the public, deadlines and picking locations.

New Internationalist

My largest inspiration for picking this organisation is because I receive their magazine. I am always inspired by particularly the journalist content, interaction with the people that write to the magazine, and range in opinions it presents. I feel working here would have a larger focus on the written content than the images, but it would teach me a lot in terms of ethics and opinions.

Green Peace

Working for green peace would teach me a lot about working on individual projects. They have several different areas they focus on, which means their content is divided between these. I think green peace would be one of the largest organisations to work for in this field. They have a large social media field so I feel I would be mainly put in to this field if I worked for them, but would provide me with a lot of experience in working for a larger company.

Example of email:

Dear Carys Matthews,

I am a student from the University of Gloucestershire studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. I am looking to complete one week’s work experience between January and March 2017. I am hoping that you are able to offer me a placement within the Countryfile Magazine.

The reason why I would like to complete my placement at Countryfile is to gain experience in landscape photography and working in the outdoors, whilst learning how to publish and edit this field successfully. I have grown up living on Dartmoor National Park, which has fuelled my passion for landscape photography, travelling the outdoors and meeting unique people. I have recently visited Calais Refugee Camp, and spent 10 weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka to widen my knowledge in this field, and I think your magazine would be perfect to continue widening my experience.

I look forward to hearing from you about this opportunity.

Yours Sincerely

Chloe Lomax




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