Filming MTC


Refer to On assignment book.

Clip 1 & Zoom 1, 2 ,3

Clip 2 & Zoom 5

Clip 3 & Zoom 6

Clip 4 & Zoom 8

Clip 5 & Zoom 9

I carried out interviews after the Calendar Shoot with MTC, which only the men  chose to participate in. All very very emotional whilst talking about the subject of Mark, but all wanted to promote the charity. I chose to use the zoom microphone on a separate stand, one light to bring them out from the background. I chose to stay with he black background to make it look morse serious than ‘commercial’ which a white background is usually associated with.

The problem i found with the microphone is because i had it by the hand area, out of frame but close enough to the speech, any and moment was picked up as muffling. Hand movement is common when nervous, so there was a lot of this throughout the speaking.

Looking at the camera was an issue, as i felt they didn’t want to address the camera as they became tearful. Also a lot of ‘cut’ and stop’s happened as they panicked.


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