Football Club. 8th October 2016

The first time I met the Mark Townsend Trust was with Minchinhampton Football club on the Stuart Playing Fields. I had been told that they were handing over football equipment that they had funded for the junior team (age 11). I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first meeting and only 5 of the committee members were at the event, meaning I wouldn’t get to meet everyone on this occasion. They told me on the Thursday the shoot was Saturday morning at 10am, which meant I didn’t have time to go down to the area to see what it was like, but with basic knowledge of what a local football ground looks like, I prepared myself with that.


Sony a7: Compact system so the camera wouldn’t be too invasive / make the people camera shy on the first meeting whilst still achieving full frame, high quality images.

55-210mm Sony lens: Capture high quality landscapes and portraits whilst not having to change lens, wasting time and carrying too much kit onto the pitch.

Flash gun: Light the subjects.

Notebook & Pen: take notes on what they tell me about the trust.

Screenshot (98).png

Saturday 8th October 2016

The light was very grey and flat, making the atmosphere seem dull. I was concerned about overexposing the sky on full frame shots, and not being able to retrieve any texture into the sky. I focused on the use of the flash gun, to provide extra light to allow me to expose lower for the sky.

Meeting the team they were all very friendly, but shy when talking about Mark, which is understandable as I was new to their environment and didn’t want to push them into talking about something that is sensitive before they had gotten to know me.

The main frame to capture was the team with the new balls. I also wanted a frame between the chair of The Mark Townsend Trust and the coach of the team – whom is also a member of the trust together to show the partnership and an obvious representation of what was happening.

I feel there isn’t much variation between the images, but the experience was good. Although the images are limited, the charity now know who I am and are willing to let me enter their events and charity work freely, which will increase the quality of the images whilst they relax with me photographing them.


Overview shot. Stuart Playing Fields, Minchinhampton Football Club.


Football Coach and Chairman of The Mark Townsend Trust






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