Desert, Magnum Photos.


Magnum Photos

In contrast to Still, I looked at Desert. In this publication, many different photographers are used to create the series. At first glance, all the images are black and white, and flow together, which would suggest one photographer. Apart from the different size, textures and frames of the images when you actually look through the book. Clever techniques are used to allow the book to flow, combined with an intense selection process.

img_048692Using full page lay outs when the images do not necessarily flow with the rest of the images. This mid tone, grainy grey image has been placed central covering two pages in the book to draw attention to the blank space in the center of the page. On a single page, the focal points in the 3 corners of the frame, would get lost on a smaller composition.


As previously noted, the images could easily work as one project. These two images, due to the subject matter, work together so are tactically placed on these pages together. The photographic values are very different in terms of contrast, cropping and shadows/highlights. But subject wise, they highly complement each other.


img_048799 On images such as this, where the lines are strong through the tight levels, the image can stand alone against a single white page to make a statement. It may of overpowered an accompanying image so is best to leave to compliment itself.



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