Lady Cynthia Bryan No5, Liz Hingley

I enjoy looking into various projects from one photographer to see how they respond to different situations. In this project, Hingley is documenting her grandmother in Westminster. We are immediately shown a connection between them as in the text she is described as ‘my glamorous grandmother’, which suggests a biased style of shooting for this project.

What is striking here is how we never see the grandmothers full face, which could be a privacy issue, Hingley simply not wanting the world to see her grandmother but connect with the things around her, or a personal preference from the grandmother. Although in the text Hingley addressed her as her grandmother, the title suggests her name is Lady Cynthia Bryan no5, which is a much more formal way of addressing her, so grandmother is a softer approach.

It can be questioned why black and white has been used here, it could be because of the era of the grandmother and wanting to convey that through the images, or to produced a more collected response to allow them to sit together in a collection.

I would argue that this isn’t Hingleys best collection of work, which may be because of the emotional connection between the subject and herself making a biased opinion both of frames and image selection. There is a very fine line when photographing to become too emotionally connected to the subject matter which begins to deter you from the original aim. If it was a personal aim for Hingley to become closer to her grandmother, I would question why she would publish it on her website, although it is personal preference on what work you chose to present. (95).png



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